Dec 05

Economic Advantages of Off Grid Solar Light Installation

The biggest installation advantage of the DX3-3001S Solar Lighting system is the lack of infrastructure required. As long as the installation site has clear southern access to solar radiation, you can install the DX3-3001S system almost anywhere. The lighting systems have a self contained renewable energy power source with no grid connection required. This avoids

Mar 18

Welcome To Vegreville – LED Solar Lit Village Sign

This past week DX3 Solar Lighting installed a new application of our next generation Cold Climate Solar Lighting.  In the town of Vegreville, located in central Alberta on the #16 Yellowhead Trans-Canada highway, their village sign is illuminated at night using LED Solar lighting. For this application we used a shortened version of our custom

Jan 24

Outdoor Solar Lighting Isn’t Attractive…To Insects

One complaint often heard about outdoor lights is how it attracts insects… like a moth to a flame… Most insects (butterflies are the exception) are not attracted to sunlight, but rather lower levels of other types of lights. Moths, for example, hunt at night, and use ranges of light other than visible light. Insects use

Aug 08

Readying for Multiple Field Tests of the new 145 Lumen/Watt Solar Lighting System

Our new lighting system is finally ready. After two years of development, and countless hours testing, DX3 Solar Lighting is preparing for multiple field installations of its new 145 Lumen/Watt Solar Lighting System. Our version 2.0 solar lighting system is lighter, more streamlined, and easier to install. It boasts a 24V power system (increased from

Jul 24

Solar Energy Advantages

Advantages of Solar Energy Among a variety of renewable energy sources, solar power is an option for sustainable energy that can be used in multiple applications. Solar power is produced by converting collected sunlight into electricity, heat and light. Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and solar thermal collectors absorb sunlight to heat water.

Jul 03

How much light is 100 Watts?

Just how much light does a 100 Watt light make? The answer is “it depends”. Watts are not a measurement of light. Watts define how much power the light uses to make light. In a typical ‘old-fashioned’ incandescent light bulb you’d buy for a dollar at the hardware store, a “100 Watt” bulb will produce

Jun 12

DX3 Sub Arctic Solar Lighting Version 2.0 – Sneak Peak

DX3 Solar Lighting is currently working on version 2.0 of its Sub Arctic Solar Street Light that is designed to work in our Canadian environment. With the high latitudes and very short winter days, DX3 was the first company to come out with a solar streetlight that operates in our northern climate. The technical obstacles

Nov 06

DX3 Solar Lighting Launches New Website

DX3 Enterprises Ltd., a Canadian solar powered lighting manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the newly designed DX3SolarLighting.comwebsite. The new website boasts the ability to select the appropriate type of solar street light to your region, giving you instant access to valuable information regarding the types of products that will work for you. DX3’s

Aug 06

Winter Gives You Time to Think About Solar Lighting!

We are a bunch of electrical engineers, and we live in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with a latitude of 53.5472° N. Anyone living at that latitude should expect long, cold winters as a rule of thumb. Sure, we have nice, temperate/warm summers, one of which is right around the corner. But, like our kindred