Jul 24

Solar Energy Advantages

Advantages of Solar Energy

Among a variety of renewable energy sources, solar power is an option for sustainable energy that can be used in multiple applications.

Solar power is produced by converting collected sunlight into electricity, heat and light. Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and solar thermal collectors absorb sunlight to heat water.

Advantages of solar energy:
– Sun light is a free and unlimited source of energy
– Solar power is natural, non-polluting and has no harmful waste
– Solar power can be used for generation in remote locations, or other places with no grid power connection
– Systems run by solar energy require little maintenance
– Multiple applications of solar energy from small solar calculators to solar powered street lights, to large grid connected solar farms providing electricity for homes and buildings

Applications of solar energy:
– Solar Thermal
o Solar thermal installations can be used for heating water in home or commercial buildings as well as space heating and cooling.
o Solar water heaters use different types of collections systems to use solar energy to heat water, i.e circulating water in pipes behind solar thermal collection panels.


– Solar Powered Electrical Generation
o Solar power can be directly converted to electricity using photovoltaic cells.
o Solar photovoltaic (PV) sytems can be used to charge DC batteries for powering remote lights, pumps, or communication systems. When combined with a battery storage and inverter system, they can be used to supply power to homes and businesses.
o Large solar (PV) farms can be us used for large scale, utility grid connected, power generation.

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