About Us

DX3-3000 LED solar panel lights

DX3 Enterprises Ltd. is an Alberta-based, Canadian-owned manufacturer of commercial electrical equipment.

The primary focus of DX3 Enterprises Ltd. is the design and manufacture of solar powered LED Light products, specifically designed for different regions and a wide range of applications.

All of our products use high-quality; long-lasting components to ensure our products are safe and reliable. Our client base includes municipal districts, oil & gas companies, mining, utilities, golf courses, industrial facilities, public parks, and much more.

Mission Statement:
DX3 Enterprises Ltd.’s mission is to provide superior products and services that exceed our customer expectations. Customers can count on DX3 Enterprises Ltd. for quality, on-time delivery and consistent service. DX3 Enterprises Ltd. will accomplish these tasks in a safe and environmentally sound manner by properly planning and utilizing its resources to their full capabilities.

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