Jun 12

DX3 Sub Arctic Solar Lighting Version 2.0 – Sneak Peak

DX3 Solar Lighting is currently working on version 2.0 of its Sub Arctic Solar Street Light that is designed to work in our Canadian environment.

With the high latitudes and very short winter days, DX3 was the first company to come out with a solar streetlight that operates in our northern climate. The technical obstacles were providing enough battery capacity during cold and  dark periods to power a street light and sizing the solar panel to charge the battery during these same periods. This was combined with a custom designed LED light board and control cards that made use of very high efficiency LED providing more light (lumens) per watt and custom software that made use of every bit of energy collected. The esthetic issues with this design however, came from the local manufacture of custom aluminum housings, giving the light an industrial vibe.

DX3 3000S Sub Arctic Unpainted Aluminum Solar Streetlight

Our version 2.0 will be using a cast aluminum head that will satisfy the requirements of a more esthetically pleasing look and feel and will hopefully overcome resistance based on those criteria.

The new light head is Type II pattern, consumes 30W and uses high end, 145 lumens/watt, Nichia LEDS.

Other benefits for the new light will be the ability to use a single solar panel and a custom built, 24V LiPo battery. The new light will also offer custom programming, allowing factory or field programming for on and off timing.

Light Head in Black Light Head in Grey
 Sub Arctic Modular Streetlight in Black  Silver Grey Modular LED Streetlight