Aug 08

Readying for Multiple Field Tests of the new 145 Lumen/Watt Solar Lighting System

Our new lighting system is finally ready. After two years of development, and countless hours testing, DX3 Solar Lighting is preparing for multiple field installations of its new 145 Lumen/Watt Solar Lighting System. Our version 2.0 solar lighting system is lighter, more streamlined, and easier to install. It boasts a 24V power system (increased from the 12V system used previously) to allow for one larger solar panel.

The new system works with both Metal Poles and Wood Poles, allowing for a versatile installation into almost any environment. We also offer a split mounting system for industrial applications such as well sites, tank farms, building mounts, cellular towers, etc.

Keep your eye out for a post towards the end of August with more details (and hopefully shiny photos) of some of the new installations.