Dec 10

DX3 Solar Successfully Implements next generation Cold Climate Solar Lighting

DX3_3001S_MetalDecember 21st – The longest day of the year in Edmonton Alberta.

It equates to 7 hours and 28 minutes of daylight including a monthly average of just over 2.5 hours per day of direct sunlight.  In addition, the average temperature is -11C for the month of December.

What does this mean for solar?

Solar is a big challenge for Albertans. We want to be green; we want to do things to improve the environment, however, its not always easy. With extreme weather conditions, minimal sunlight, and extended periods of darkness, the use of solar energy is very limited.

DX3 Solar Lighting is excited to announce the successful re-design, application, and installation of our next generation cold climate solar lighting. We have recently installed our next generation technology at multiple sites in the middle of snowy winter. Our technology works at -40C, it works on the shortest days of the year, and is rugged enough for our climate.

Designed and assembled in Canada, our technology is living proof of Albertans being able to overcome adverse conditions.

Future blogs will showcase some of our new installations, and give you more insight into how we’ve been able to do this.

For further information on pricing or specifications, please follow these links.