Dec 05

Economic Advantages of Off Grid Solar Light Installation

The biggest installation advantage of the DX3-3001S Solar Lighting system is the lack of infrastructure required. As long as the installation site has clear southern access to solar radiation, you can install the DX3-3001S system almost anywhere. The lighting systems have a self contained renewable energy power source with no grid connection required. This avoids the cost of trenching underground conductors, dealing with utilities to supply power to remote unserviced areas, utility permits and ongoing energy bills. The system is powered by low voltage 24V DC power so you aren’t required to have an electrician install them, if you can hook up a car battery you can install these systems.
See our product page for installation options. Installation Options

You can choose a wood or custom metal pole solution, or use our skid system to mount the light to an existing structure, with no ground disturbance required. Another plus is the system is very portable and can be easily relocated to a different site.

For unserviced remote sites, the cost to bring in utility power can be very high. The most economical option for a permanent light installation is our wood pole system.
The site preparation is minimal, you simply auger a hole, erect the pole in the hole and tamp it securely into place. Then it is a simple matter to install the DX3-3001S lighting system components to the top of the pole, completing the installation.
See our wood pole installation manual here: Wood Pole Installation Manual
This type of installation works best for recreational trails, waste transfer stations and other unimproved areas.

For improved areas with meticulous landscaping and architectural considerations, our metal pole system is very complementary. We offer two standard colours, Black or Grey, that can integrate into the area design. The metal pole systems are also easy to install, but require an extra step of preparing an in-ground pole support base. This can be a pre-cast concrete base, a pour in place concrete base, or a screw-in helical metal piling base. The incremental cost of the ingrained base and metal pole over the wood pole increase the price of the metal pole system, but it is still a bargain compared to the cost of servicing a remote greenfield site.
This type of installation works best in urban parks, recreational and commercial parking lots, decorative walking paths and other architecturally improved areas.
The metal pole system installation manual can be found here: Metal Pole Installation Manual

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