Installation Options

DX3-3001S Metal Pole Installation Manual (PDF)

DX3-3001S Wood Pole Installation Manual (PDF)

The DX3-3001 Solar LED Lighting System is designed for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial and recreational applications.

For maximum versatility we have three standard methods of installation for our solar powered lighting system:


The DX3-3001 Solar Lighting System can be mounted on our specialized steel pole system. The pole itself is powder-coated galvanized steel. To maintain structural integrity for winds up to 200 km/hour we never use aluminum. The solar panel is mounted to the top of the pole using a specialized frame. For both safety and prevention of theft, the battery box mounts behind the solar panel. The metal pole attaches to any standard (11” bolt pattern) concrete base. You can utilize a pre-cast concrete base at anytime; this is an excellent option in the winter when temperatures are to cold for pouring concrete.


Our LED solar power lighting system can be mounted on any wooden pole (of sufficient diameter). This installation option is often a great choice for locations with pre-existing poles, or locations that want to maintain a more natural look and feel to blend with pre-existing trees and landscaping, such as walking paths, nature preserves, and rural intersections.


The DX3-3001 Solar System can we mounted on a portable skid for use in applications where it may not be possible to dig, such as bedrock, oilsands, etc. The lighthead can be attached to the system using a longer cable, allowing the light to be separate from the skid itself. The skid system can be set up temporarily in one area and then relocated as needed. This portable solar light system works well for construction sites and other locations where light may only be needed for a few months.