Oil Field, Gas and Mining

DX3’s slogan of “Light anywhere, anytime” is a perfect fit for oil & gas fields and remote mining installations. Most sites are remote from existing infrastructure and are mechanically self-powered with internal combustion engines. Electrifying the site with utility power is very costly so lighting the site is usually not contemplated. With DX3’s oilfield solar lighting, providing illumination to these otherwise dark sites is now a reality.

Our skid unit is a split design with the batteries, charging boards and solar panels all mounted on a frame that sits on the ground. The compact light head is on lightweight mast that can be mounted to the frame, or attached to existing infrastructure like a tank ladder. Now your tanks farms, production pads or compressor stations can be illuminated at night for trucking, maintenance or troubleshooting. The bright efficient oilfield lights improve personnel safety and site security, while the dark sky compliant luminaires prevent rural neighbours from receiving excess light pollution.

Our solar lights are independently powered, they don’t need a constant supply of diesel fuel like lighting plants, and they are easy to install and also relocate. Just pull up the pole or skid and drop it into a new location and you are operating again. With no operating costs, and minimal maintenance, our solar lights just work, night after night all year long. DX3’s solar oilfield lights bring safety and security to your site, contact us about installing them today.