Urban Parkland Solar Lighting

Applications – Pathway Lighting, Approach Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Park Lighting

Location – North Battleford, SK

Type of Lights – 3001S (Cold Climate), Metal Pole, Grey Aluminum Powder Coat, Lithium Polymer Battery Option

The parks department of the city of North Battleford, SK took delivery of twelve DX3-3001S cold climate solar lights. The lights were installed over two weeks in July 2014 at five different locations.

Three locations had individual lights illuminate the entrances of two water treatment plants and the North Saskatchewan River boat launch location. These locations are located along river park roads with no other municipal lighting.

The fourth location was on Finlayson Island in the North Saskatchewan River. Six lights were installed here, four to light up the parking lot of the day use picnic area and two more across the access road to illuminate the parking lot and trail head of the Kiwanis Nature Trail.

The fifth location was the parking lot for King Hill Lookout. The final three lights were installed at this popular dog walking location with a 360 degree view of the city, river valley and neighboring town of Battleford.

The parks staff are very happy with the lights and the simplicity of the installation. The lights where installed using precast concrete bases. These bases are easy to install using a skid-steer with auger attachment, and could be placed in treed, unpaved or un-serviced areas. The DX3-3001S Solar lights are getting rave reviews from both citizens and city management.

The city and park staff are recommending other areas for solar light installations and the city is preparing to order another twelve DX3-3001S Solar Lights in 2014.