Town Path Solar Lighting

Applications – Path Lighting, Security Lighting, street Lighting

Location – Forestburg, AB

Type of Lights – 3000S (Cold Climate), Metal Pole, Black Powder Coat, Lithium Polymer Battery Option

The town of Forestburg purchased four DX3-3000S cold climate solar lights. The application for the lights was for the edge of the sports grounds paralleling 49th Street on the south side of town. The sports fields contain ball diamonds and soccer fields for the warmer months, and the ice arena is on the south end of the grounds. In Forestburg, 49th street does not have street lights installed, but it is used heavily in the winter by auto and pedestrian traffic to access the ice arena. To improve safety and comfort in the short winter days, the town wanted to illuminate the path leading to the very busy ice arena.

The lights were installed along the grass edge of the sports field using precast concrete streetlight bases. The lights had to be installed a slight distance away from the road to leave a safe distance from the overhead utility lines and poles on 49th street. The town is anticipating that the solar street lighting will provided additional safety for pedestrian users of the road and pathway. Most of the pedestrians are children and the increased lighting will improve visibility of the small pedestrians for the automobile users on the roadway.

The town is looking forward to a long service life for the DX3-3000S solar lights, with low maintenance and no monthly power bills from the utility. This is a great advantage as it allows the town to operate and maintain their lighting without having to interface with a utility that services the town from a remote centre.