Rivervalley Parkland Solar Lighting

Applications – arearking Lot Lighting, Pathway lighting, Entrance Lighting, Park Lighting

Location – Devon, AB

Type of Lights – 3001S (Cold Climate), Metal Pole, Black Powder Coat

The town of Devon released an RFQ for the supply and install of solar street lights. Many bidders specified the DX3-3001S system in their bids, with TC Backhoe and Direction Drilling LP being successfully awarded the contract. TC Backhoe purchased the DX3-3001S Solar Street Lights and installed the units in the town.

The fenced off leash dog park on Michigan street received two lights, one at the south gate and the other at the west gate and parking lot. This will allow extended use of the off leash park in the dark winter evenings and the increased illumination will also assist users in cleaning up after their pets.

The mountain bike skills park in the North Saskatchewan River valley has three solar street lights installed in the parking lot. This park has a variety of obstacles to help riders improve and sharpen their skills. With the addition of solar lighting, the park users will be able to enjoy use of the park later into the short fall evenings.

The last location is the Devon boat launch on the North Saskatchewan River. Three solar street lights have been installed, two covering the parking lot and the final on illuminating the boat launch ramp right at the river’s edge. Boater will now have an easier time launching and recovering their craft, with the ramp light for dark mornings and evenings.

All three recreation areas will also benefit from the increased security in the parking lots that solar street lighting provides. Park users are much more comfortable leaving their vehicles in lit parking lots as they engage in their recreational pastimes.