Municipal Path Solar Lighting Project

Applications – Park Lighting, Path Lighting, Rural
Location – Elk Point, AB
Type of Lights – 3000S (cold climate), Metal Pole, Silver Powder-Coated Aluminum.

The town of Elk Point is developing a multi-use path for the benefit of their residents. They purchased eight DX3-3000S Sub Artic Solar Street lights for the first phase of their path.
The lights were installed in the Fall of 2013 with the construction of the initial multi-use path segment completed. The lights were installed with the DX3 custom metal pole, all components power coated in a brilliant sparkle silver.

The feed back of the lights has been positive and the town of Elk Point has ordered another 8 lights to be installed in the Fall of 2014 to expand their path lighting project.

The new lights will be the latest version from DX3 Enterprises, the DX3-3001S Cold Climate Solar Lighting System. The latest version includes a new cast aluminum, architectural, cobra head style luminaire. The Solar system has been upgraded to a 24V class, single 250W solar panel replacing the dual 140W 12V class panels that are part of the original DX-3000S Sub Arctic Solar Street light system. This provides a 30% reduction in solar panel footprint comparatively. The new DX3-3001S Cold Climate Solar Lighting System has a separate battery box mounted with the solar panel frame. The new battery box provides easy, tool less, battery replacement while maintaining the security of not having them installed at ground level. The latest version, DX3-3001S, uses the same DX3 custom metal light pole.

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