City Park - Parking Lot Solar Lighting

Applications – Parking Lot Lighting, Park Lighting, Security Lighting

Location – Camrose, AB

Type of Lights – 3000S (Cold Climate), Metal Pole, Black Powder Coat, Lithium Polymer Battery Option

The City of Camrose has installed DX3-3000S solar lights to parking lot for Grand Drive Park of of 50th Avenue. Four lights were installed, three in the parking area and one on the roundabout near the picnic shelter. This allows for greater convenience and security for the park users at night, especially as the days get shorter. The parking lot allows access to recreational trails along Mirror Lake leading down to a scenic footbridge. The recreational path connects across AB-13 highway and continues many kilometres to the south through Camrose Jubilee Park.

The lights are installed on pour in place concrete bases, just beyond the paved parking area. The DX3-3000S can be installed on any standard street light base using a 205mm square bolt pattern. Other common types are pre-cast concrete and steel helical screw in anchor. Both concrete types require a drilled hole that must be backfilled, while the helical anchor requires much less ground disturbance.

The parks manager is very pleased with the result, and the town is planning a media release touting the installation of the sustainable energy powered lights. The dark sky compliant fixtures give adequate lighting without providing extraneous glare and light leakage onto the surrounding natural areas. DX3 solar lighting can be used where environmental footprint and sustainability are major concerns, along with being ideal for unserviced sites in urban and rural areas.