Industrial Development Solar Lighting

DX3 provides a solution for energy efficient industrial lighting. Using our industrial solar lights, industrial sites can be illuminated using sustainable eco-friendly products that supply high output bright white light. Without the need for trenching or overhead power lines, skid-mounted solar lights can be placed anywhere on the industrial site without worrying about other buried infrastructure like pipelines or reducing clearances on site for cranes and other large equipment like overhead lines do. Industrial solar lighting also reduces the environmental footprint of the site, a great consideration with sustainability and energy reduction initiatives.

DX3 also has solar lighting for commercial or residential land development. New land developments can install solar lighting on economic wood poles or skids that will illuminate the site without need of utility connection or diesel fuel lighting plant. The solar lighting will work for site security and the wood poles can be easily moved around the site as the different phases of the project progress. Solar lighting can also be used to light development and sales signs for the projects at a very early stage without requiring any other infrastructure.

Turn on energy efficiency, contact us today about installing industrial solar lighting.