Who Uses DX3 Outdoor Solar Lighting?

DX3’s slogan of “Light anywhere, anytime” is our vision of providing illumination for any application. A benefit of our solar lighting solutions is that they can be installed without any utility grid connection, so the costs and restrictions of that grid connection no longer apply.

Our outdoor energy efficient lighting solutions provide bright illumination in a white spectrum that can be fully utilized by the human eye. Our products are integrally dark sky compliant and do not contribute to further light pollution.

Please explore the listed applications to find solutions that are renewable and operate reliably year round.

Industrial Solar Lighting

High light output solar LED lighting perfect for remote industrial sites.

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Oilfield Lighting

Instant light for Oil storage sites, well sites and other remote locations.

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Solar Street Lighting

Standalone Ultra-efficient Solar lighting that lasts days without charge.

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Solar Security Lights

No ground-level wires to cut makes for excellent perimeter lighting.

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Solar Park & Pathway Lights

Improve path safety and usage by providing light for easy navigation.

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Residential Solar Lighting

Easy install and no monthly power bill makes solar lighting a smart choice.

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Solar Parking Lot Lights

Reduce construction costs by not having to trench power beneath parking.

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Utility Substation Lighting

Powerful and reliable solar lighting make it easy to see what is happening.

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