Cold Weather Lighting

  • DX3-3000SO - Tank Pad

  • DX3-3000SO - Tank Mounted

  • DX3-3000SO - Skid mounted Solar Panels

  • DX3-3000S - Golf Course Entrance


Cold weather lighting is no obstacle for DX3. DX3 technology is suitable for low temperature applications. The DX3-3000S Sub Arctic Light is used for extreme high and low latitudes where there are less sunlight hours per day and the temperatures drop well below freezing. The lighting and charging control boards are designed for harsh environments and the lithium polymer battery tolerates -40 deg. C with no degradation.

The DX3-3000S cold weather light will work year round no matter the temperature, providing high quality light with no energy costs and very low maintenance costs.

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Canadian Made

DX3 Solar Lighting is 100% Designed & Assembled in Canada.

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